• Holographic Authentication Labels.

    Combat counterfeiting with Intelogram.

Who We Are

MYML TRADING INC. under one of our brands, “Intelogram”, offers world class tamper proof and evident
security labels. It is our goal to combat counterfeiting and protect intellectual property.

We successfully developed a cloud verification technology that monitors every released security label.
Our service mostly caters mostly to the Southeast asian region, for
government and non-government units — operating since year 2018.

Products Covered

100% Authenticity

  • Certificates
  • Forms
  • Endorsement letters
  • Permits
  • Product Packaging
  • Any document
  • Stamps
  • Tickets
  • Cards
  • Fabric

Our top authenticity features

Tamper Evident with 2D/3D Black and White Switch

A novel optical effect consisting of an achromatic 2D/3D hologram switching in distinct areas between white and black when turning the hologram 90 degrees. This is increasingly used as a special security feature – hard to imitate and easy to check.

Hidden Feature

Covert information which is integrated into the hologram during the origination process and which can only be only revealed with a laser reader, under specific wavelengths.

Nano and Security Microtext

Microtexts are text elements with a height between 40 and 100 micrometers. With nanotext one understands text elements, which have a font size in height smaller than 25,4 micrometers. Both types of texts are too small to be read by the naked eye.

E-Beam Nanostructures

Produced with electron beam lithography. High-resolution diffractive and non diffractive nano- structures, lens structures, prismatic and other structures are used to achieve special optical effects. A resolution of up to 500’000 dpi can be reached.

Serialization with online cloud tracking system

Every released security label shall have a corresponding serial number for tracking purpose being done via online cloud portal.

Track your Labels

Input Holo Serial Codes.