• Holographic Authentication Labels.

    Combat counterfeiting with Intelogram.

Who We Are

“Intelogram” is an exclusive distributor of world class tamper proof and evident Swiss- made security labels with the partnership of our manufacturer based in Switzerland. It is our main goal to combat counterfeiting and to protect intellectual property.

We have a patented online cloud tracking technology that monitors every released security label. Our services mostly focus on government units based in the Philippines and selected private companies.

Products Covered

100% Authenticity

  • Certificates
  • Forms
  • Endorsement letters
  • Permits
  • Product Packaging
  • Any document
  • Stamps
  • Tickets
  • Cards
  • Fabric

Our top authenticity features

Tamper Evident with 2D/3D Black and White Switch

A novel optical effect consisting of an achromatic 2D/3D hologram switching in distinct areas between white and black when turning the hologram 90 degrees. This is increasingly used as a special security feature – hard to imitate and easy to check.

Hidden Feature

Covert information which is integrated into the hologram during the origination process and which can only be only revealed with a laser reader, under specific wavelengths.

Nano and Security Microtext

Microtexts are text elements with a height between 40 and 100 micrometers. With nanotext one understands text elements, which have a font size in height smaller than 25,4 micrometers. Both types of texts are too small to be read by the naked eye.

E-Beam Nanostructures

Produced with electron beam lithography. High-resolution diffractive and non diffractive nano- structures, lens structures, prismatic and other structures are used to achieve special optical effects. A resolution of up to 500’000 dpi can be reached.

Serialization with online cloud tracking system

Every released security label shall have a corresponding serial number for tracking purpose being done via online cloud portal.

Track your Labels

Input Holo Serial Codes.